Practice Profitability Consult Application

This is an application for BIPOC-led primary care or mental health practices serving underserved communities of color who would like our feedback on potential opportunities to expand their profitability. If we determine that we can support your organization, we will also invite you to a call to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals.

Please be as detailed as possible so we can have a very clear understanding of your organization. *While we have supported many types of health organizations in the past, we are currently BEST equipped to support primary care or mental health practices that have been operational for >12 months, serve communities of color and have an annual revenue of $250k or more.

Please note, without text permission, we will not be able to notify you with the status of your application
Write n/a, if your organization provides non clinical services to your organization

\We take these inquiries very seriously and are committed to spending time and energy to identify what resources may be right for you. At times, this may even result in a referral to one of our preferred partner services for support.

Keep in mind that the more detailed your answers, the more likely we are to provide you with transformative feedback.