Funding Your Healthcare Vision Invite-Only Workshop

This is an intake for established organizations interested in getting a ticket to our workshop for women of color founders who want to secure consistent funding (grants & contracts) to support delivery of direct healthcare services to their communities.

Please note, we currently only support organizations that include service to low-income communities of color (including those on Medicaid), have been officially incorporated as a 501(c)3, PLLC, PC, LLC or S-corp for at least one year and provide direct health & wellness services to individuals.

After completion of the intake, if your organization is a good fit, we will send you the information to register for the workshop. Please note, there is an investment (low 3-figures) for this 3-hour workshop.

Please be as detailed as possible so we can have a very clear understanding of your organization.

Please note, without text permission, we will not be able to notify you with the status of your application

In order to best serve you, please do not submit this form if you are not interested in investing the time and attention during the workshop to support funding and growth of health equity-centered organization.

We take these applications very seriously and we spend time and energy to ensure that you have the best information possible for execution.

Keep in mind that the more detailed your answers, the more likely we are able to have enough information to accept your application for the workshop.